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Online Guides:

  • Local Online Guides.  The online guides for the rivers, park and play areas, lakes, swamps, sounds and seas described on the Asheville Area Boating Beta Page.
  • American Whitewater's Rivers pages.  You are a member, aren't you?  If not, join online.  Don't forget to include my name (Chris Bell) in the comments box at the bottom of the form!
  • Canoe Camping Top 40:  An incredible resource.  Detailed descriptions of 40 continental U.S. canoe camping trips requiring a week or more to complete.

  • Bill Tuthill's California Creekin':  Bill calls his page an online guidebook, but it is really an extraordinary set of virtual river tours covering a significant fraction of the best runs in California.  One of the inspirations for the Asheville Area Boating Beta page.
  • Brett Valle's  Among other things, descriptions of some of California's top-end end runs and lots of nice photos.  Though less detailed than Bill's page, includes information on runs Bill omits.
  • Charles Foster's Southern California Whitewater:  Descriptions of a number of southern Sierra Nevada and Coast Range runs.  A portal into Charles' climbing and skiing pages too.
  • Jason Rackley's Oregon Kayaking:  Focus on Oregon, but includes information on runs and water levels in much of the West.  Have you joined American Whitewater yet?  Jason and I will be greatly disappointed if the answer is no!
  • Vince's Idaho Whitewater:  Loads of information useful to paddlers planning trips to Idaho.  Descriptions of a wide variety of runs.
  • Chris Joose's Big Page O' Stuff:  The Corn Dog King states that his page "is a place I hope to develop into one of the best online repositories of free information on paddle technique, stories about paddling, and paddling resources for Washington State."  Though his focus is on Washington State, he's well on his way to creating one of the best "online repositories" period.
  • Gordon Bank's Colorado Rivers and Creeks Homepage:  A web page associated with the guidebook of the same name.  Sorry, the descriptions of the runs are not available online (you're supposed to buy the book for that, duh!), but the flow and map pages provide 90% of the information a hard core boater really needs.

Online Message Boards:

  • Eric Princen's BoaterTalk:  The most active and best administered of all the online message boards.  Sub-sections for general discussions, surf kayaking discussions, equipment sales, lost and found, etc.  Focuses mainly on the U.S.  Click here to get to the general discussion page.  Archives begun in 2001.
  • Eric Zitzow's Angst Message Board:  The place squirt boaters come to get deep online.  Light volume, but then again squirt boating isn't for everyone.  Closely read by a significant fraction of the squirt boating community.  Got Charc?  This board does.
  •  Once the online paddling message board, now a shadow of its former self.  Seriously wounded by an excess of "chatty banter" and a reputation for dowdiness.  Focuses mainly on the U.S., but a little more international  than BoaterTalk.  Lots of good stuff in the archives, which go back to 1995.
  •  Split off from in 1999.  Focuses on sea kayaking and river touring.
  •  Split off from in 1999.  Where discussions specific to whitewater are supposed to take place, but most of those that still take place do so on the parent board.

Health and Safety:

Useful Stuff:

  • Daily Tide and Current Predictions:  Tide and current predictions for thousands of locations in North and Central America.  Choose a general region from the Region list, then enter part or all of a port, city, or location name in the location prompt.
  • Jim Snyder's Preferred Modes JIMISTYX:  A very useful and interesting commercial site.  Lots of information on paddles in general and wooden paddles in particular -- including how to maintain them and how to choose the correct length and style.
  • Pete's Whitewater Page:  This page's "Reads" section is outstanding.  Another inspiration for the Asheville Area Boating Beta page.
  • Chris Joose's Articles and Frequently Asked Questions:  Though already listed above, this page is worth a second mention for Chris' "How To" articles.

User Added Links:

Here's where you come in -- the following links have been added by users like you.  Periodically I will sort these links and incorporate them into appropriate categories.  Instant feedback!  To add a link, click here:  Add a Link.  Immediately after adding your link it will appear on this page.  Thanks for your help!


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