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General information:

Many of the photos linked to this page were taken between 1993 and 1996 with a Pentax WR-90 and slide film pushed 2/3rd's of a stop (i.e., intentionally overexposed to compensate for all the white of the water).  My home river is not a happy environment for a camera, however, and the WR-90 is no longer with us.  The few photos featuring newer boats were taken with a Nikon N-70 in less challenging conditions.  Pulling these photos together has gotten me excited about paddling photography again.  I recently purchased a Canon S-50 with a waterproof housing and anticipate adding many images to the archive in the coming years.

For an excellent discussion of paddling photography and equipment, visit Bill Tuthill's page.

To meet the guru himself on web design, web communities and all else that is good in the world, visit Philip Greenspun's homepage and the photography web community he created, photo.net.

And last but not least, there's some pretty nice stuff on the page put together by this auto body repair guy that used to come to my high school to give talks on his new hobby:  Mountain Light.  I gave a copy of this photo to my wife for Christmas back when his studio was still in my home town.