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The standard release into the most boated section of the Ocoee (Ocoee Dam #2 to below Ocoee Dam #2 powerhouse) is approximately 1,220 cfs.  The water for this section is released from Ocoee Dam #2.  The release schedule is posted here:  Ocoee Release Schedulecurrent flows are reported here:   Ocoee Dam #2 discharge.

Unscheduled releases sometimes occur after heavy rains.  Determining whether an unscheduled release is taking place is made difficult by the fact that water can be discharged from Dam #2 into either the riverbed or the nearly five-mile wooden flume to its powerhouse.  TVA does not report where the water is going.  Current releases from the Ocoee Dam #3 upsteam are reported, however, and if the Ocoee Dam #3 discharge exceeds the Ocoee Dam #2 discharge, the extra water must be flowing over the Ocoee Dam #2 into the streambed.  The river can be banged down as low as 500-700 cfs (at which level it is a shallow, creeky III) and has been run very very high (many many thousands of cfs).

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