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Canoeist racing over waterfall
Nathan Zumwalt, 2012 Green Race ©Chris Bell


Page Description

Welcome to the Green River Recreation-Friendly Release Economic Impact Study page.  Should you choose to participate in this study, you will be contributing to a research project on the economic impact on Henderson and Polk Counties, NC of recreation-friendly water releases from the Green River’s Tuxedo Hydro Station.  A recreation-friendly water release occurs when the Tuxedo Hydro station generates power during daylight hours at pre-announced times and at flows appropriate for whitewater recreation.  The person in charge of this project is Dr. Chris Bell, an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  His email is bell@unca.edu and his phone number is (828) 251–6552.

There are two parts to this study.  Those who spectate, volunteer, or paddle in the Green Race should complete the first survey, and everyone who paddles the Green, no matter which section or sections, should complete the second survey as well:

Unless you choose to identify yourself, none of information we collect can be traced back to you.

No data is collected until the survey's submit link is clicked.  If while completing the survey you change your mind about participating in it, simply stop answering questions and don't click the survey's submit link.

Thank you for considering participation in these surveys!

— Chris