Welcome to the Western Carolina Paddlers!

Quay Hunter in his kayak paddling first drop of Four Falls, Bailey Canyon (CO).  Copyright Chris Bell.

Quay Hunter running the first drop of Four Falls, Bailey Canyon (CO).
Copyright Chris Bell.


Club Description

Who we are

Welcome to Western North Carolina's canoe, kayak and rafting club.  The Western Carolina Paddlers is based in Asheville, NC.  Our membership is comprised of paddlers of all types.  Members kayak, canoe and raft down rivers, on lakes and oceans throughout Western Carolina and beyond.  We are active in river conservation, access issues and local events.

When we meet

We hold social meetings on the first Tuesday of even numbered months (February, April, June, August, October, December).  These are informal gatherings to provide a venue for meeting and socializing with other boaters.  The first Tuesday of odd numbered months are open for scheduling member initiated activities such as a slide show, a rolling session, an outdoor meeting on a river or lake, or whatever folks can dream up!  Check the club calendar for details of locations and times for club meetings and activities.  Non-members are welcome at all our meetings.

If you have an idea or (preferably) would like to plan an odd numbered month meeting, send a message to the listserve, to the attention of the "Activities Committee" to get some assistance and/or guidance.

How our trips are scheduled

Our trips are scheduled two ways: in advance, using the Club's online Calendar, and on the fly, using the Club's email List Server.  At one time a significant number of our trips were listed on a published calendar, a tradition we are trying to bring back with the online Calendar.  Please post all trips on the Calendar, even trips that are formed on the fly!  The program generating the Calendar sends a message to everyone on the List Server, so your message will still emailed and the Calendar program will create a record of our member's activities.

Blessed as we are to be so close to great water, most of our paddling trips come together at the last moment.  To learn about them you need to add yourself to the List Server.  You can also use this link to remove yourself from the list and to find out who else is on it.  To post a message to the list, simply need to send mail to wcp@main.nc.us.  For your convenience a link to this address is included on every page on this site's Navigation Bar.

How our trips are conducted

Our trips are conducted as common adventures, which means the Club and individual Club members may volunteer to coordinate trips but no one leads them.  All trip participants are responsible for making their own decisions.  These decisions include, but are not limited to, whether to participate in any activity or trip, or any given portion of any activity or trip, including paddling any given body of water, or section of any given body of water, on any given day.  Participants must rely on their own knowledge of their abilities and their own assessment of current and potential future conditions in making their decisions.

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WCP is pleased to be an American Whitewater Affiliate Paddling Club.  As a member of an affiliated club you are eligible to join AW at a $10 discount.  Please consider doing so.  For $25 a year ($15 if you are a junior or a senior!) you get a great paddling magazine and you help this non-profit organization defend our streams!